Amazon Prime… The disaster.

First things first–This is NOT a negative review of Amazon or Amazon Prime. I love Amazon. I buy everything on Amazon. If Amazon sold groceries, I would even do that. When I shop for something, I go to Amazon first.

However, Courtney and I learned something about ourselves this last weekend.

We have ordered quite a few things from Amazon of late. Between Christmas, our anniversary, my dad’s birthday, and my birthday this time of year just sees lots of Amazon-based shopping. This last week has been particularly high as Courtney and I have purchased quite a few things with Christmas gift money.

This last Friday, I finally clicked that “try Amazon Prime free for a month” link you see on every order. Amazon Prime, as you probably know, includes free streaming movies, book lending, and the ever-popular free 2-day shipping.

The movie part was… eh. If we were TV watchers, we would have been thrilled. We’re not. And the movie selection was pretty sparse.

We haven’t tried the books, but I’ve heard from others that it is solid.

But the free shipping? That would be the disaster. What would you say if I told you that we currently have 11 packages coming from Amazon? Most of them ordered within a short 24-hour window after signing up for Amazon Prime? What about if I told you that when we ran out of furnace filters on Saturday we ordered new ones off Amazon instead of running to the neighborhood hardware store?

A friend confessed that the shipping has always been his barrier between entering into what amounts to an Amazonic orgy, and I frankly have to agree. Especially since I now find myself sheepishly scuffing the ground while tracking a dozen packages as they dance their way across the country.

God bless you Amazon, but I simply have to say good-bye to Amazon Prime. It is simply too great for this world and outside my ability to control.

Until my next shopping trip, I bid thee adieu.

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