Catching Up

To say that I have ignored this blog over the last month would be a gross understatement–It honestly hasn’t even really crossed my mind. But I did promise a year-end review like I always do….

Courtney and I roared passed the nine-year mark late last year. Roared is probably the right word, too: We are learning more of the things we need to work on and learning the things we already do well. I think right now–and I really do mean this instant in time–we are more happily married and doing better in so many ways than we ever have. At the same time, I think we both are realizing that cruise control is not an option for a successful marriage, and we’ve been guilty of that in the past.

It’s good to be married, but it’s great that it’s with Courtney.

Financially, this coming year will see the death of my student loans. Besides the house, it’s the only other debt we have, and I’m thrilled to know that my money actually is my own to do with as we see fit. It’s empowering.

Once we kill the student loans, I’m not sure what our next plan of attack is. We’ve talked about assaulting the mortgage, building our savings, or even saving for a new car. Child #4 is still a theory right now, but should #4 make an appearance, we’ll quickly outgrow our current vehicle. Yes, the world of minivans is somewhere in our future, and I just can’t see myself going into debt for that.

Hopefully this is the year I start my masters program. I have my tuition reimbursement application in with my work, but I am still waiting to hear if it was approved. It should be, but I’m assuming it is held up with everyone else going back to school. I’m looking at a Masters in Instructional Design, which is a great growth path for me in my current job/career.

On a different note, I’m debating a very hard choice for me: braces. I’ve got a can opener tooth (thanks dad!) that I’ve debated getting fixed for some time, and I finally called an orthodontist. My work has really solid orthodontic benefits for me, which makes it affordable (though still expensive). It would mean braces for the next 18 months, but I would like to get it done.

I find myself sitting on the cusp of interesting. Life is going to be interesting. With schooling and braces, I would find myself largely a completely different person in the next 18 to 24 months. It’s exciting and something to shoot for, which I’ve wanted for a long time.

Goalless movement is largely meaningless movement. Rudderless movement. It’s nice to have a goal.

Last thing… I’m really looking forward to beekeeping again. I am ready to play with the girls and see once again the miracle that is nature.

Have a great 2013, and enjoy it. Life’s good.

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7 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I’ve gone through braces as an adult. It’s not easy, but feels great once they come off. Your life sounds very positive, hope many more good things come your way this year.

    • daveloveless says:

      I actually really appreciate that. It’s a hard decision even though I know that almost no one will even notice, care, remember, or anything about braces. Except for me, of course. 🙂

      Hearing that you did it give me courage. I admit that I’ve been delaying pulling the trigger since I met with the orthodontist.

  2. Sarah L. says:

    I’ve met a lot more adults getting braces. It’s the in thing. 😀

  3. antdun says:

    I just got braces on 2 weeks ago, we can be braces buddies!

  4. daveloveless says:

    Did you really? Excellent.

    Brace buddies it is! I’ve been needing/meaning to for a long time. Might as well be now. The clock can’t start if I never push the button, right?

    • antdun says:

      I’ve been planning to do it since the fall of 2011 because of insurance coverage for it, and I put money into a flex fund back then to pay for it sometime in 2012. Because of that I was committed, but I wanted to be married before I pulled the trigger. Turns out timing worked out to be able to do it right before the year ended!

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