Casting out the sick demons…


I think this is longest break I’ve ever had in posting on my blog.

For the last week, we’ve had sickness after sickness after sickness. It all started the day after Thanksgiving. Each of us felt a little tight in the stomach. Myron threw up Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Only once a day and with no other symptoms. Carolyn has been a walking cold. Courtney spent the early part of last week fighting flu-like symptoms. Katherine never really got sick, but she also never really looked not sick either.

And then me…. I was closer to Katherine really until last night. How did I end this week of sick misery? With food poisoning of course. That’s the only way to end it. 🙂


I’m hoping to banish the sick demons before Christmas, but I won’t lie that I’m kind of feeling a bit at a lose of how to do that. If I could bathe my house in some awesome antibiotic, I’d be tempted.

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One Response to Casting out the sick demons…

  1. So sorry to hear about all the illnesses – there really are lots of nasty bugs doing the rounds. Was in / out hospital myself last month and it takes so long to fully recover. Hope you all feel much, much better to enjoy Christmas 🙂

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