Predicting 2016

So Obama won last night. I admit I’m not thrilled by the prospect. I’ve heard from quite a few people who think that his win is a serious step in the wrong direction, which is an understandable feeling. If Romney had won, there would be plenty of others thinking the same.

I guess what I’d like to say is can’t we all just sit back and realize that a president’s influence isn’t all that great when it comes right down to it? Let’s look back over the last four years and identify the biggest changes that have happened:

  • Healthcare–Maybe not the biggest but surely one of the most thought of. And what is the result? So far, not much. Granted most of the provisions don’t come in until 2014, but the net effect on most Americans has been zero. And no, I am NOT coming out in favor of Obamacare. I think it is an abomination, especially the manner in which it was forced through.
  • Deficits and National Debt–This is probably the second biggest thing, but not widely known. Well… cared about. We’re another $4TT+ in debt than we were four years ago. And that number will probably continue to grow. How much was Obama’s fault? A lot to be sure, but lets remember that Obama does NOT approve budgets. Congress does. He certainly impacts budgets, but he cannot spend without Congress’s approval.
  • Partisanship–This is the biggest thing. By far. It was there before Obama; it’ll be there after.

Other than that, most of the other things have been relatively minor or benign or of fleeting importance (Bin Laden’s death for example).

The point I’m trying to make is that Obama didn’t really impact you much beyond those three things and most of those were already happening/going to occur regardless of the occupant of the White House.

So… take a deep breath. You survived Clinton like the democrats survived Bush. Take a deep breath.

But for 2016, this is what I see, and again you’ll note that the impact is relatively minor or otherwise ignored:

  • Legalized Marijuana–It was on the ballot in three states yesterday, and a growing bipartisan community would accept this. I fully expect this issue to be on a large number of state ballots in 2014 and possibly a nation-wide ballot in 2016.
  • Legalized Gay Marriage–Obama and his administration have already come out in favor of gay marriage. He has also ordered his justice department to stop defending DOMA. I expect this issue to only grow in impact nationwide, and I could see a national referendum on this by 2016.
  • $20TT in debt–I seriously doubt we gain control of our spending by 2016, and I fully expect the national debt to hit this unfathomable number in 2016.
  • Higher Taxes–If you think this isn’t going to happen, you really shouldn’t have voted this election. Sorry if that is harsh, but really? And yes, I mean all of us.
  • Continued Partisanship–Obama is NOT (can I repeat that?) NOT a team player. There is almost no evidence that he feels that way. As recently as last week he declared that his victory this election would awaken Republicans from their “fever,” as if the only reason Republicans vote and think the way they do is due to delusion as opposed to principle. His language, his stance, his approach suggests utter disdain for Republicans and other points of view, and he has already promised the left that he will play more aggressively with the right in a second term.
    This president is one of the most, if not the most, divisive presidents of the last 100 years.

See? Most of that you won’t even pay attention to. Some of the issues, like gay marriage, will be huge news stories but will otherwise have minimal impact on you personally, although you may disagree soundly, as I do, with it. Some will impact you, like higher taxes and a greater national debt, but you’ll ignore it or you’ll complain and shrug your shoulders with a simple, “That’s just the way it is.” But most of this will just pass you by just like the last four years just passed you by.

Look… I’m as disappointed as anybody else that Obama won last night. I do not doubt but that he was the wrong choice. But his power to change my life is limited by my own choices and actions. I was employed throughout his first administration, my personal economy grew and even exploded (from my work and my choices, not his!), and I’m more secure today (again, my choices, not his!). If you’re really concerned about an Obama presidency, stop living in the Obama world. Realize that you affect you much more than he affects you. And even if he does affect you, most of what happens will be relatively minor and insignificant to the vast majority of us, you included.

Take a deep breath. Zombies aren’t patrolling the streets. The Four Horsemen aren’t parading down Pennsylvania Avenue. Take care of yourself.

And please… please recognize that if you are opposing Obama because you hate him, you’re not helping. You’re not improving the situation. I genuinely dislike Obama–and oh do I mean dislike–but I gain nothing by opposing the man instead of debating and weighing in on the principles we both profess. Our government can only succeed through the sharing of ideas, opinions, and principles.

As Romney, I pray that Obama might succeed. I pray that he will be wise and open to both sides. I pray that both sides might come together.

Wanting anything less and you are doing much more to bring about the doom and gloom you feel than Obama ever could.

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One Response to Predicting 2016

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I learned from this election that Americans have some pretty screwed up priorities. Also, medical premiums are going up and our plan is being replaced with a high deductible one, which is a result of Obamacare. Really upset. To me it feels like a giant tax increase, but we’re not rich or even middle class, so it’s going to hurt a lot.

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