Debate review and a surprise

I was going to review the debate during the debate, but I quickly gave up. It proved too much to try to track the debate and comment. So here’s just a few general responses to the debate in general:

The win goes to…

Romney. Clearly. And not just by a little bit. Obama looked bored, he looked out of place, and he looked like he didn’t know how to respond to Romney. Romney looked alive, engaged, and presidential.

As far as substance goes, Obama was clearly the professor. And it was boring. It was long-winded. Obama spoke for four minutes longer than Romney, but it really felt like Romney said more.

Favorite one-liners

I actually only remember two: Trickle Down Government and Economy Tax

Romney dropped these two bombshells on Obama and Obama had no response for them. I think both were effective because, for the first, Romney made Obama’s plans a pejorative. He tied Obama’s efforts nicely to popularly maligned trickle down economics often pushed by the right. It was a bold, powerful move.

For the second phrase, Romney made Obama’s economic failures this year a tax, which is something Obama has long promised not to do, especially to the middle class. With Obamacare–and I was glad to see Obama embrace the name–already being declared a tax by the Supreme Court, having yet another issue declared a tax is certainly an added burden for Obama.

It’s a great debate. If you haven’t watched it, do so.

And now for the surprise….

I donated to the Romney campaign.

I’m pretty sure my leanings have been pretty clear on this site, but just in case… I’m an independent conservative voter. I lean more Libertarian than any other party, but it would be Right Libertarian, not Left. I’m also a deficit nut. For me, the deficit and the economy trump the other issues right now. As such, I make no qualms about declaring my support for Romney.

This morning I got an e-mail inviting me to donate. I think I’ve received 50 of those over the last few months. At least. So why did I finally click that button? Because I believe Romney has a chance in this now. Should Romney win the election, last night will go down as the turning point. The win was that big and that important.

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