Book Review: Pages from Our Past, Joann Arnold

And here is my “A” author for the week. Courtney picked up an “A” author as well, and I’m currently working my way through that book.

Pages from Our Past…. I so wanted to like this book. I really did. Joann Arnold is an LDS author with a friendly smile, and that honestly made me hopeful (as though the smile and being LDS would make it great). Sadly no.

If I could sum up the book in a single sentence, it is this: Pages from Our Past desperately needed a solid editor to help tighten the story, cut out the incongruities, and save this book from perfection. Desperately.

Each character is entirely too perfect. Each magical moment an exercise in Deus ex machina. It’s just… contrived. And that’s not to say that it couldn’t have been great. It definitely could have been.

Sigh… I’ve really struggled approaching this review. Arnold is a budding author in her own right and someone trying to make a positive impact on the world of literature. Her work is absolutely clean and safe. Comfortable. And for that alone it should be praised.

But as a work of literature, it just is not enough to stand with others. It’s just not.

I won’t call it a waste of time, but I come away from the reading feeling like I just read an assignment for a class as opposed to spending time with a dear friend.

Two out of four stars, and only because of the ideals.

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