Happy sigh…. Very happy sigh….

Mackay and his family visited us Saturday night, and as we normally do, Mackay and I ended up sitting out by the hives while the wives stayed inside. While we were sitting there enjoying the late evening gentle buzz of bees, we noticed a few wasps wrestling on the ground in front of the hives. Mackay and I both leaned over for a look, and Mackay was apparently a little too close to the door because a bee launched at his chest and ZAP!

Right on the right side of his chest. 🙂

We immediately stood up and left because we had no protection, and a second bee zoomed in for the kill and stung him in a truly awkward place right below his belt. Fortunately, he was wearing thick enough denim that the stinger did not pierce the cloth, although I would have died laughing if it had.

I spent the rest of the evening sincerely hoping that Mackay would swell marvelous on that right side of his chest and go to church the next day with everyone just staring. It would have been incredible.

And before any chastises me for not being a supportive friend in Mackay’s time of need, let me remind you that he mocked me mercilessly during the Great Ankle Sting-a-thon of April 2012. Mercilessly.

Ahhh…. Welcome to the club, Mackay. You are now officially a beekeeper!

Oh, and just for the record, Mackay had only slight swelling and itchiness, something I credit both to the speed at which the stinger was removed and just a general lack of reaction. I’m actually truly glad he was finally stung. It was something I’ve been pretty worried about since we just didn’t know how he’d respond, and that’s not something to find out when you’ve got open hives.

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2 Responses to MACKAY GOT STUNG!!!!

  1. Robert says:

    Dave, you sick b*******. Just kidding. Hilarious.

  2. Sarah L. says:


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