Introducing the Kids to Star Wars

I have two beekeeping posts coming from two visits. But not today…. Stay tuned.

The other day, Katherine was playing Legos Star Wars on the Wii. She got to a certain famous part where Luke tries to lift his X-Wing Fighter out of the swamp and can’t do it. She was, of course, playing Luke, and she tried again and again and again to lift the X-Wing Fighter out of the swamp. Finally, in frustration she came and found me.

I took one look at the TV and said, “Use Yoda.”

She did, succeeded, and then asked, “Why did I have to use Yoda?”

It’s obvious that I have failed in a critical bit of educating my children. 🙂

Last week we borrowed all six Star Wars films from a friend and have since been working through them. We’ve watched the prequel trilogy, which the kids really liked, and will soon start on the second set. I had forgotten how much I enjoy those films. They are just great movies.

My favorite part so far, however, was during Episode II. There’s that scene where Padme and Anakin are having lunch together, and Anakin uses the force to take a fruit from Padme. He then cuts it and send the piece back to her. I took one look at Katherine’s face and realized that she has a totally different view of these films. Her eyes were dreamy and her smile about as sappy as it could get. 🙂

She likes the films, but these are not action movies for her. Oh no… these are romances.

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3 Responses to Introducing the Kids to Star Wars

  1. Travis says:

    Younger viewers do see the prequel trilogy in a much different light.
    To see another view of this same thing, check out On the blog’Motion Captured’, Drew McWeeney does a batch of articles called FilmNerd 2.0 where he shows his kids films like Star Wars, Close Encounters, even To Kill a Mockingbird. Awesome series of articles!

  2. I can’t wait to sit down with my kids to watch the original Star Wars trilogy. I am bigging it up so much in my mind that it is bound to be a dissapointment! I can still remember watching Star Wars, aged about 6, in a classroom at school as our Christmas treat! Blew my mind. Can still remember kids playing with light sabers at parents evening … great memories.

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