Honey Updates and so forth…

I finally gave up waiting for the honey to finish straining on Wednesday and bottled what I could. I ended up with eight of these…

Yes, those are quart jars full to the top. I already sold them all as well, which is great. I got roughly $10 per quart, which is a touch on the lower side, but I do this for the joy and fun, not the money. I’m pleased.

I obviously don’t filter all that much, which is how I like it. I like my honey very lightly filtered, which leaves tons of “stuff” in the honey, like pollen and wax. I make sure, of course, that “insect parts” is not included in that. 🙂

Today, I took the rest of the honey and wax in that bucket and started the longer process of straining through cheesecloth. I ended up with two bundles of wax/honey hanging from a rod in our hotter-than-the-rest-of-the-house bedroom. I’d guess each bundle hit around 15 pounds, and they’ve been draining steadily for almost three hours now.

Here are both of them just dripping with honey.

I like to put them in our bedroom because it’s warmer in there and also because it is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing for me. If they were in the kitchen, I’d eventually just call it and be done. I’m so impatient that way.

Last shot for today and one I’m proud of. Check out that honey just pouring down the bundle!

On other news, a friend and I (Lee) have decided to try our hand at making–and selling–other bee related products, such as candles, balms, and so forth. Mackay is also in on this. So far we’ve spent about $150 buying $100 of wax foundation (rolled candles) and essential oils. We still need to pick up jars for the honey we have now and for the balms. All told, I’d guess we’ll spend another $50 to $100.

Later this fall, we plan on showing up at a local farmers market and giving it a whirl.

Wish us luck!

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3 Responses to Honey Updates and so forth…

  1. Sarah L. says:

    That is so cool!

  2. Anthony says:

    Hey when you have more for sale let me know, I want to buy some!

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