Welcome to Silly Season

I have avoided a political post for quite some time, but I suddenly find myself on the verge of entering into the fray again. I had taken the break to try to prepare for what amounts to a long, arduous political run to November.

But here’s a few thoughts for you:

  • On Romney’s potential VP pick…
    I love the idea of Condi Rice as his pick. I know many on the far right consider her a poor choice, but I’m not worried about a pick for the far right. I’m worried about him picking a capable person who, should the situation dictate, would be fully capable of taking the country.
    Condi Rice is that person.
    Her credentials are above reproach, she is capable, she’s extremely smart and talented, and she’s a moderate.
  • On Obama’s suggestion that Romney’s time at Bain after 1999 might just be felonious in nature…
    What an embarrassment to Obama. I already disliked Obama, but to see him blatantly throw that kind of charge out there with no evidence in the face of all other evidence AND refuse to apologize or reign it in is an outright disgrace. You sir have moved beyond being just someone I didn’t like to someone I actively despise.
    I simply cannot understand how anyone can vote again for Obama as Class President. The man is a clown, despicable, and a terrible president.
    Ugh… the mere thought of another four years of Obama has exactly one silver lining: He can’t run again.
  • On Romney out fund raising Obama…
    I admit I was surprised, especially considering that everyone assumed Obama would crush Romney. Do I think those numbers hold through the rest of the campaign? No, I do not.
    But the fact that Romney has held his own so far is both incredible and hopeful.
  • On Romney speaking to the NAACP…
    I’ll readily admit that this is not an easy gig as a GOP candidate. But Romney gets some serious cred for doing it.
    I find it frankly hilarious that the news ran with the boos against Romney like it was some huge surprise. Even more hilarious is that some Dem commentators seized on Romney’s comments that he expected to be booed as “part of the plan to energize the conservative base.” What? Really?
    Don’t be so naive or pathetic.
  • On Romney’s tax returns…
    Two minds:
    1–Romney should release tax returns and be done with it. I agree that there are those that will find concerns there, but let’s be honest…. They weren’t going to support Romney anyway. The real concern are those that presume there is something bad in there.
    2–Why does this matter? I really don’t care. Your own finances are personal, and while I agree that a candidate should be vetted, I don’t know that I agree that taking up a peek up the financial skirt is really warranted, especially going back ten+ years as has been suggested.
  • On the Supreme Court decision regarding Obamacare…
    I think this was the right pick, and I think that NOT because I agree with Obamacare. I am as opposed to that rag of a bill as I was when it was first drafted.
    I think it was the right choice because of the implications of over-turning it AND because Justice Roberts put the ball squarely where it needed to be: Congress. His decision and the choice to deem the mandate a tax changes the picture and forces congress to address the issue again or admit that it is raising taxes.
    This is an uncomfortable position for Obama to be in on the tax issue, and it creates the opportunity to potentially look at this law again. Potentially.
    I could go on for a while on this particular issue, but then this wouldn’t be a run down of current issues, would it?

I’m not remembering any other issue that is at the top of my mind right now….

To sum up, I no longer dislike Obama. I hate him. He’s not just a bad president, but he’s the completely wrong choice president. I just don’t get what anyone sees in him. To be fair, there are plenty that don’t get why I support Romney, but there you go….

I didn’t mention this, but one of the great moments of my recent vacation was seeing NSG, an adamant Obama supporter last time, rip off both her Obama bumper stickers in my presence and declare her support for Romeny. She went on to say that she thought Obama was trying to run for class president and that he was a terrible choice.

Ah…that might just have made the entire vacation for me. It was already a wonderful vacation, but that was the beautiful, perfect cherry on top!

Now if only I could get her a Nobama bumper sticker. I’ve been debating getting one myself….

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