Happy 1,000!

Yep, this is number 1,000. A full 1,000 posts on the prodigal.

I go back every now and then, select a random month, and read a post or two. Just to remember. In some ways, that word is a favorite of mine.

When I served as a missionary, my mom hid a red wood heart in my luggage. On the front of it, she wrote the word Remember. It held an honored position through out my mission, and I still have it in my box of memories and treasures.

I’m always impressed how consistently the scriptures use the word as well, particularly in remembering our fathers and their experiences. The Book of Mormon often asks if we have remembered the captivity of our fathers. If we have remembered their faith, their experiences, and their lives.

In my personal heritage, Pioneer Day celebrates the day when the Mormon Pioneers first entered the Salt Lake Valley. These are my fathers and my mothers. Have I remembered their captivity? Have I remembered the trials of Nauvoo, of Kirtland, of Winter Quarters? The sacrifices those early saints made for a nascent faith?

This year, I’ve made a much more honest attempt at journal writing. For a writer, I’m a terrible journal keeper, but I’ve come to believe that the experiences of my life should be remembered. After all, how can my children remember my own captivity if I have not taken the time to record it?

Life is glorious! Record it! Remember it!

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