Broad changes to the blog

Morning faithful readers!

In light of my last post and after making the hard (hard-ish) choice to link to my blog from the articles I’m writing, I feel the need to go to a more vanilla perspective of the blog. In other words, no more public deeply personal posts, and I’ll probably be more careful about revealing too much.

In other words, more password protected posts.

I know many of my readers already have the universal password, but if you do not and would like it, ask. As long as you are a known person, long-time reader, or can otherwise show need/desire, you’ll probably get the password.

Blog posts that will be password protected include the following:

  • Family discussions
  • Personal posts related to me, my wife, or my children
  • Posts that reveal any details that I would rather not have wildly available

Posts that will NOT be affected include the following:

  • Bees
  • Gardening
  • Grammar
  • Political commentaries
  • Other posts designed for open display

I may also go back through older posts to password protect some of the more sensitive ones.

Happy Reading!


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4 Responses to Broad changes to the blog

  1. Sarah L. says:

    Don’t you care about the bees’ privacy at all?!

  2. DWH says:

    the bees don’t get a choice in this. Dave often opens their house and goes looking for a queen. no privacy there 🙂

    • Laura G says:

      Shoot, that was not what I meant to comment! Dave, can you delete the above?

      What I meant to say was:

      @Sarah: I wish there was a “Like” button for your comment! 🙂

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