Moving to the General Election

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a political commentary. I even missed Santorum dropping out of the election due to being on vacation that week. I don’t regret the break.

First, given Santorum being gone, it is no surprise that Romney swept the five states last night. I find it incredibly humorous, though, that Santorum still managed to pull some votes. I don’t know what goes through someone’s mind when they vote for a candidate who is no longer running, but….

At this point, the dialog (and therefore my commentary) moves towards two primary conversations:

  • Veepstakes
  • General Election

On the VP front, I’ve got my favorites and the people I think would fit that role best. I’ll readily admit that Condoleezza Rice would be a wonderfully attractive prospect. She’s starting to get some time as a prospective VP, and while I imagine she has zero interest in the role, she would be imminently qualified, imminently capable, and imminently attractive as a VP. She’d be everything positive Sarah Palin brought to the McCain ticket, none of the negatives, and even more.

But I think that’s a pipe dream.

My other top picks right now? I like Marco Rubio, but his selection could appear to be too much pandering. I like Paul Ryan, but he offers very little to the centrist view point. The same could be said for a host of potential picks. I did hear someone bring up Santorum as a potential pick…. I had to read that twice to see if they were serious. Sorry, I just don’t see that happening in any way shape or form. Santorum’s a great guy, but it is not going to happen.

On the General Election front, there’s not much to report at this point. I have yet to make the full shift that direction and probably won’t until later this summer. The debates are a ways out still, and nothing is really going on except posturing. Both candidates are still finding their talking points, and while the general message is surely known, the campaigns haven’t quite matured to the point where I feel like I can contribute.

One thing I do think will be somewhat fascinating to watch is how finance works this time around. I think there is little doubt that Obama will get his billion dollar number. But I think too many people doubt in Romney’s ability to chase him down. I don’t think Romney will hit a billion, but he frankly doesn’t need to. The Romney machine is well-oiled and versed in running the campaign on their current budget, and they’ll have much more than they currently have when things really start rolling.

It’s way too early to predict this, but if I had to, Obama clearly has the inside track. That may all change depending on who Romney taps as his running mate, and it will shift as the campaigns pick up steam, but if the election were held today, Obama would probably pull it out with a much narrower victory than he had over McCain.

Other issues I see having heavy impact? The economy (duh), gas prices (double-duh), and immigration (tripe-duh). I do not think Afghanistan and other foreign issues will have as big of an impact as they had last time around.

Buckle up!

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