Flower Boxes

For years, we’ve been fighting a neighborhood thief who, each spring, steals some of my flowers. Whoever it is digs them up at the roots and just takes them away. That crime has always baffled me completely because:

  1. Flowers like that are $1.50 for a six-pack
  2. You will likely kill them doing that (they left too much root behind, and the shock alone is terrible)

Seriously…. It makes no sense.

So now I’m completely baffled. Someone stole our flower boxes. Yep, the whole thing. Two of them.

We’ve had these wooden flower boxes for about five years now. Each spring we plant pansies in them. For summer, we do whatever we fancy that year, such as petunias, snap dragons, marigolds, and so forth. In the top, we have a solar light in each for a nice little touch.

Honestly, they’ve been a defining feature of our house for five years, but here’s the kicker… the wood in the boxes is rotted through, the lights haven’t worked in three years, and the soil is old and sterile. I was actually going to throw them away at the end of the season and replace them with something new.

If they had asked, I would havegiven them away. Seriously. But no, they stole them.

Sigh…. We do love our little home in our little neighborhood, but Courtney said it best yesterday when she pointed out that it isn’t so much the fact that they were stolen as it is the fact that you try to make the neighborhood beautiful for the benefit of all and someone comes and steals it for the benefit of the one.

Yes, we will replace them with something nice and heavy. It’ll probably be a poured cement box that I will mortar in place to make it “steal proof.” And whoever stole them, enjoy. I worked a long time on those boxes, and they brought me happiness. As you sit by them and enjoy the flowers, I hope you taste the ash of your misdeed. Some day, when that has burned in your soul long enough, don’t bother coming to me for forgiveness. I’ve already forgiven and forgotten.

Now where did I put those pressure-sensitive landmines….

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8 Responses to Flower Boxes

  1. Emily Heath says:

    How mean 😦 My parents have found the same thing with their hanging baskets. It wouldn’t surprise me if they get sold on.

  2. Emmerin says:


  3. As Emmerin said, it’s Unfathamama… unfathamo… without fathom.

  4. daveloveless says:


    To quote another great film….


  5. DWH says:

    Allright already, if you miss them that much we’ll bring them back! 😉

  6. angeladecker says:

    To answer your question of who steals flowers, have we ever told you the story of the apartment around the east corner from us? I find it quite funny.

    • daveloveless says:

      Steve has. It was very funny! 🙂 You’ll have to share the details since I’ll probably mess them up.

      • angeladecker says:

        Once upon a time in early June, Steve and I were taking a walk around the neighborhood. It was evening, and as we headed home we passed that apartment complex. There was a pickup parked across the street with several people who appeared to be single students carrying many pots of flowers; the kind in the foil wrappers that sit in piles in the grocery stores.

        I wondered if maybe all the flowers were being used for a marriage proposal, but wondered where they got so many. In jest, and since it was a week after Memorial Day, I said to Steve, “I wonder if they got those from the Provo Cemetery.” Then he up and says to a girl carrying a flowerpot, “You put those flowers back in the cemetary where you found them, young lady!” The sheepish look she got on her face said it all.

        I don’t remember if she said anything. But hey, cemeteries throw out all the flowers a week after those sorts of holidays, and if I was a dead person, I wouldn’t mind somebody taking my flowers after that point since they’d just die anyway. Either way, it was funny.

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