A breakthrough!!!

Oh, this will probably be something I eventually go back and delete when Myron gets older just because of the, uh… personal nature of it all, but for now, this is a HUGE breakthrough.

We got Myron to sit on the toilet this morning.

Something that we’re learning about him and his particular situation is that routines are both very important and difficult to break. That’s not surprising. Aspergers does have a lot to do with scripting, and this is a new script. A new routine.

Lately, however, he’s started to give us signs that he’s becoming more aware of his body functions, which is something we’ve been hoping for for a very long time. He was recently approved to start pre-school next year, including special programs built just for him and his needs, and we’ve worried about him not being potty trained going into that.

This morning after scriptures, Myron announced that he had a “pooh bum,” his given sign that he’s ready for a diaper change. However, I hadn’t smelled anything nor had I noticed any other signs, so on a hunch I gave him a fast check. Sure enough, clean. Then I guessed that he had “pre-announced” the pooh bum, which is a huge step for him. Quickly, we ran into the bathroom and got him on the toilet. He fought the entire time, though not as hard as he normally does. I distracted him with books and talking and telling him how proud I was of him.

He ended up sitting on the toilet for 15 minutes, which is a record for him by about 14 minutes 57 seconds. He HATES that thing.

Afterward, we pulled out a new chart, had Myron put a sticker on it (he loves stickers) for sitting on the potty and all of us, Katherine included, heaped praises upon praises, hugs upon hugs, and kisses upon kisses on him.

No actual results yet, so to speak, but I simply can’t overemphasize how important this is for him and how pleased we are that we are taking these steps. We’ve still got an incredibly long road in front of us, but we are that much closer.

Courtney told me, as I was leaving for work, that she’d keep putting him on the potty every thirty minutes or so to see what happens. We’ll see how long he takes that, but I’m quite hopeful.

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