GOP Primary: Louisiana

Good win for Santorum. Some would call it a dominating win, and there are those who will claim that this resets the GOP Primary race. It doesn’t. Louisiana just isn’t that important for the race (sorry). Twenty delegates at this point, even if Santorum were to win all of them, just doesn’t do it.

As the race moves into April, we’ll find Romney moving into more and more friendly territory where he should continue to rack up the wins.

I read an article on CNN the other day that frankly asked if either Gingrich or Santorum know how to lose at this point. Both have recognized the hopelessness of actually capturing the nomination outside of a battle on the convention floor. Both surely most recognize the futility of that action and especially the damage that does to the GOP party. And yet….

I personally hope they recognize their stupidity sooner rather than later so that we can move to the general election. I actually hope we can get a short break from all the politicking for a month or two. Right….

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