Illinois GOP Primary

I’m still trying to figure out if I’ve burned myself out this primary season. All I know is that tonight, the media is singing Romney’s praises and after Louisiana, they’ll be claiming he can’t seal the deal.

Honestly, which is it? You can’t honestly expect him to romp through every contest, especially with the competition he has. I would never suggest Santorum is actually competent, but in this environment, he certainly seems to have some staying power.

But enough of Romney’s win. I actually heard something that gave me pause and also caused me to hope even more for a Romney win: if history holds for the GOP, the runner up typically gets the nomination next time around.

Please no.

If Romney were to win the nomination and then the election, at least that would push Santorum back eight years. Hopefully by then the GOP can present something of better quality than Santorum. Ugh….

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