Movie Review: Another Earth

Now that was an intriguing movie! I quite enjoyed it.

Before I start, though, I’ve noticed a string of winners from Fox Searchlight. This was the same group that brought another strong winner I reviewed earlier in There Be Dragons.

The Good

What a concept! I won’t go into too many details, but the basic plot is that another earth that has followed our own history exactly (even the people are the same) has appeared in the sky. At the same time, a young woman on earth makes a terrible mistake. The movie is the story about her finding forgiveness and working with the person she wronged. In her eyes, the other earth is a means of redemption, and the story focuses on her struggles to achieve that.

And that’s all I’ll say.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Another Earth is that it is tense and building through out. It’s not suspenseful or scary, but by the end, you feel a genuine longing for this young woman to succeed, and the story climaxes in powerful ways.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the filming. It’s rough. It’s grainy. A lot of it focuses more on physical elements rather than sound and dialogue. The film tells a powerful message without many words. In fact, by 15 minutes in, you’ve still heard nothing more than a few sentences at most and yet I was completely enthralled.

The Bad

There is a sex scene. I’d like to say it was mild because the clothes pretty much stayed on, but is there such a thing as a mild sex scene?

It is a deep movie. It’s one that you’ll want to cut out all distractions for. Not a bad thing, but something to note.

The ending…. Oh, I wanted to throw my laptop out the window when it ended. And yet, the ending is perfect. Just know that when you roll to the ending, it’s like slamming into a wall.


We loved this movie. It was rich, powerful, and complex. This was not your huge bowl of ice cream; it was your small serving of gelatto looking over the Adriatic Sea. Something to be savored and pondered over, not slammed down your gullet.

If it weren’t for the fact that now I know how it ends, I’d be sorely tempted to buy it. But knowing how it ends, I would almost need to wait a while before watching it again.

3.5 out of 4 stars with the ding coming for the sex scene.

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