Movie Review: Puss in Boots

I don’t really care for Shrek. It’s a Mike Meyers thing. I find him crude, rude, and crass. So I find myself somewhat intrigued that I watched Puss in Boots last night, a spin off of Shrek.

The Good

Funny. It isn’t funny throughout, but there were multiple laugh-out-loud moments, especially the udders, the bean stalk, and the tattoos. Courtney and I are still laughing about the tattoos.

I’ve always liked Antonio Banderas. Yes, he’s not an incredible actor, but he is a fun one.

The story is interesting though I wouldn’t call it engaging.


Jack and Jill… sigh…. They might have been the best part of the whole movie. When they start talking about having kids…. Wow.

The Bad

It did have a few of the fart jokes. I just don’t get that, but whatever.

The dance scenes was… weird.

The plot was iffy at best, but if you came into this wanting a plot, you’ve got more significant problems. 🙂


This is not Megamind. It’s not nearly as funny, consistent, or memorable. It’s not revolutionary in a way that makes it memorable (think Incredibles and Toy Story). But for all that it is not, it’s pretty good, pretty funny, and pretty enjoyable.

We were happy to rent it and would not have minded watching it with the kids at all.

3 out of 4 stars.

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