Ohhhh…. The jealousy is setting in….

I spent about two hours on the phone tonight talking to my dad about bees. In the last week he’s gone from passive interest to wanting to do one top bar hive to announcing tonight that he wants to do two top bars. 🙂

I can hear it in his voice; this eagerness. This excitement. This driving urge to do it. To know. I can’t even begin to guess who is more excited. Him or me.

And he also announced that my mom is just as excited. She was apparently saying that she wanted to be part of the hobby. I’ll admit it; I’m surprised. Pleased, but surprised.

And I just cannot describe how jealous I am for their giddiness. I remember that feeling. It was about this time last year that I went from waiting another year to doing one hive, to two hives, to seriously wondering if I could jump right into doing FIVE!!! Part of it all is the top bar thing. I’ve always wanted to do a top bar, but I just don’t have the room right now.

I simply don’t know what is more enjoyable. Beekeeping or getting others into it? Either way, I swear I need spring to come NOW!!! I’m dying to get in to those hives!

So much for patience being a critical attribute of a beekeeper….

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