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Protected: Updates on Myron

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Dave’s WW of EU: Subordinating Conjunctions

The last two WW of EUs we talked about Conjunctions and Coordinating Conjunctions. Time to hit Subordinating Conjunctions. This should be easy, right? We already know that coordinating conjunctions combine independent clauses, so it only stands to reason that subordinating … Continue reading

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Alright Beeks! What do I do?

Remember Hive 2 and its unfortunate demise? Well, some of the frames that I stored away have turned, as in the nectar has fermented. What do I do? Can I throw those on the hives and let the bees take … Continue reading

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Dave’s WW of EU: Coordinating Conjunctions

Last Thursday we discussed conjunctions in general. Today, we’re going to break it down a bit and get into the nitty gritty details. There are two types of conjunctions: coordinating and subordinating. Let’s discuss only the first one today. A … Continue reading

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GOP Primary: Louisiana

Good win for Santorum. Some would call it a dominating win, and there are those who will claim that this resets the GOP Primary race. It doesn’t. Louisiana just isn’t that important for the race (sorry). Twenty delegates at this … Continue reading

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Hive Inspection: March 24, 2012

Now this was an exhausting day…. We spent the day doing gardening, spring cleaning, and so forth. All with allergies. Courtney and I were quite the sight hacking, snorting, and sniffling. Now we’re in front of the TV watching the … Continue reading

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Killing Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)

Just a message of hope for all you fellow Grape Hyacinth Haters out there (and ohhhh how I hate them….). I’ve been fighting them for four years now, carefully pulling each bulb one by one. My front yard is now … Continue reading

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