Dad’s Gonna Be a Beekeeper

One of my favorite things about beekeeping is seeing other people get that spark in their eyes that says, “I could do that.” I love sharing this hobby, and I’ve done my darnedest to convince people to join in. One will definitely do it when his life is more settled. He’s a college student and in that transitory state of life. Another is likely to do it this summer (hopefully), and I have three or four others I’m working on.

But I was a little surprised to get that e-mail from my dad. I had been suggesting it for a while now almost half-heartedly, but he was interested. In fact, we spent an hour on the phone yesterday talking plans, designs, options, and so forth. In the end, he decided to build his own top bar hive! I admit to being wholly and completely jealous. I very much want to do a top bar, and I will some day. Right now, however, I simply don’t have the room.

Still… success. And I’m sure he’ll let me play with the top bar on visits. I’m very excited for him.

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