I realized last night that a huge chunk of my blog has shifted from the original intent (almost a journal) to topics that I had, at first, banished from my blog due to what I perceived as the potential for contention. So much of what this was intended to be has kind of dropped by the wayside. Not really complaining about that, but I did find it interesting.

Where I used to spend the majority of the space writing about family, experiences, and so forth, a huge chunk is spent on politics. The spring will bring back, of course, the bees, and there are other things on there, like my Behavior Change Myths series, but… you know.

So I just kind of wanted to sit back and ask what’s up?

I’ve been driving Katherine to school in the mornings, and it’s been a real treat to see her growth. She may be only seven, but I don’t know another seven-year-old as confident and collected as she is. She needs us sure, but mostly only because she wants to. Here’s hoping she still wants to for a long time to come.

Myron is growing well and developing in leaps and bounds. Each time he has an eye surgery we notice that he has an explosion in development, especially language. Just last week, I noticed him conjugating verbs cleanly and accurately. He’s constructing longer sentences, expressing original ideas (as opposed to repetition), and starting to pretend more than he used to. All this in only the last two months. I have been humbled to see how he has been blessed despite all that he faces.

Carolyn is still to be. Getting warmer so to speak, but not yet. Either way, we’re finally ready to have her come. Myron and Katherine are downstairs in their new bunk bed, and their old bedroom is almost ready to become a nursery. Still a bit more to do, which I’ll do on Saturday. The thing I’m looking forward to the most? That can of olives that’s currently holding up Katherine’s shattered bed….

Courtney…. What can I say? Marriage just gets comfortable after a certain point, and that’s good and bad. It’s good to know someone well enough that you can talk without talking. It’s bad to be so lazy that you let unspoken communication be the only talking. It’s good to trust someone enough that you can say what’s on your mind. It’s bad to take for granted that someone will forgive you just because you know them that well.

We’re still a work in progress just like our house is a work in progress. As long as we avoid the major fires, the floods, and the earthquakes of either, we can handle the messes and the need to consistently clean up after ourselves.

To be honest, I have a vision of five years down the road (or so) when Katherine is old enough to start baby sitting. Courtney and I will finally regularly and consistently go on dates again. We do our best right now, but it’s hard and expensive with baby sitters. Sigh… we just need to make it a priority.

On the Home Front life is good. My order for three new hives came in today, and I’m ready to go have me some bee fun. I’ve got to find three packages of bees pretty soon as well. Our house is progressing as well. We finally got that stackable washer and dryer we wanted so much, and we threw the fridge out of our kitchen into the mudroom. Our kitchen feels massive (it’s not).

The rest is a work in progress. We’ve been working on the house for six years now (ever since we bought it). Six years…. My how the calendar turns quickly. I’ve never lived in a single home longer than five years before this home. I once thought I’d get bored with the house, bored with the neighborhood, if I stayed to long.

Guess I was wrong.

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