Occupy Wall Street Rebuttal to the State of the Union Address

Oh, this was simply too good to pass up. 🙂

I was fairly disappointed that I didn’t see much of a rebuttal from the Libertarians (always entertaining), the Greens (always… well… you know), or the Constitution parties. However, in my searching today, I did come across one from the OWS movement.

Before I begin, I just have to say this…. I strongly dislike the OWS movement (how’s that for not saying “hate”?). I think the protesters are grossly misinformed, I think they are protesting things they have no clue about, and I especially think their time would be better spent getting jobs. And that’s just the surface of my opinions regarding OWS and the 99% movements.

Just saying it.

Oh, and I get sooo tired of the whole crowd thing. This speech, like lots of things OWS, was “performed” (how else can you describe it?) by the group with people reading lines while the group chanted it back. Annoying.

But here my review anyway….

From Dr. King, who gave his life fighting for economic justice. From the Suffragettes, who insisted the voice of women be heard. From all of those brave or foolish enough to believe in America’s defining idea. The idea of democracy.

I find it problematic that OWS claims the heritage of Dr. King and the Suffragettes. What is the comparison? The fact that you can’t get everything you want? That you aren’t finding jobs? That other people are successful? That most of you don’t pay any taxes? That the rich aren’t paying “their fair share” (whatever that means)?

Seriously? That’s your complaint?

When our courts tell us corporations have more right to speak than we the people do. That’s not democracy. When pepper spray and midnight raids make a joke of the 1st Amendment right to assemble. That’s not democracy.

Oh boy…. Please, point to the court case that tells us that corporations have more right to speak that people.

I’ll wait.

And midnight raids and pepper spray against illegal encampments? What part of “illegal” are you not understanding? I’ll give you that there is fault on the other side as well, but don’t come whining to me about you getting punished for breaking the law in the first place.

You seem to be all over this democracy thing…. Try this on for size: Personal Responsibility.

When defrauding clients, blowing up our economy, forging thousands of documents and seizing people’s homes illegally is not a crime. But protesting all that is a crime. That’s not democracy.

Now that’s a mouthful. Again, I’d kindly ask for your evidence. And I’m not talking one-off cases of which I myself can find. I’m talking the widespread abuses that you are alluding to here.

Oh, and yes. Illegal encampments without a permit are, well… illegal. Seems obvious to me. Why is that so hard for you? Oh, that’s right… you have the “will of the people” on your side.

Our America is not a democracy, not yet.

Nope, and guess what? It wasn’t intended to be. Our Founding Fathers did not establish a democracy. They established a republic. Since you seem to be unaware of the distinction, let me provide some basic definitions:

A democracy is rule by the majority. In a democracy the majority is absolute and each eligible person has a say. That’s not the United States of America.

A republic is rule by representation. In our case, we elect our representation both indirectly (President, Judicial) and directly (Legislative).

The thing that I find so funny about the OWS argument is that a Democracy is based on rule by the majority. Period. The minority is often marginalized. In a Republic, the opposite is true. The representative system includes key measures to protect the minority. It seems the Republic system of government would serve the needs of OWS far better than a true democracy, which, given the size of the nation is an impossibility anyway.

We all know why: Wall street owns Washington. Bribery is legal, and the laws we live by are for sale to the highest bidder. That is why our government serves the very rich and powerful at the expense of the rest of us.

Wow…. Proof? I’ll be the first to recognize that our system does benefit the wealthy. But don’t look at me and tell me that the 47% of Americans who don’t pay any taxes are being oppressed by the government.

It protects the bonuses of bankers and Wall Street executives, while failing to keep hard-working families in their homes.

And why shouldn’t successful people be rewarded? I’m not talking the gross excess that we sometimes see, but this is a broad and general attack on success. It’s ludicrous.

And why should the government be responsible for keeping people in their homes? How about you take charge of your own life and keep yourself in your home? The vast, and I do mean vast, majority of people have done just that. What’s your problem?

It shields offshore tax havens for the very wealthy, while letting our bridges, schools, and infrastructure fall apart.

Two points: Technically it shields offshore tax havens for anyone, not just the wealthy. And yes, I think I actually agree with your remark about the decay in our infrastructure. I’ll give you a point there.

Today Occupy Wall Street and the 99% movement step into this proud American tradition.


For when you’ve [the 1%] begun to think rigging the game is fair game. When you regard hard-working Americans as undeserving of a middle-class life and unworthy of the profit their own work creates.


Tell me, which member of the 1% said any of those things?

I have so much trouble believing that there are people who are dense enough to buy into this, and yet….

Real democracy will do you good.

We are here to create the democracy we have all been promised.

Uh… No, real democracy will not do us good. It is an untenable solution in a nation of our size. Sorry, but you’re kind of delusional. And who exactly promised you a real democracy? The Founding Fathers certainly didn’t. Are you simply planning on forcing your will and vision on the rest of the nation? That sounds… dangerous.

Our spring is coming.

And there it is. That is a deeply disturbing and loaded phrase. It smacks of desperation and commitment, two attributes that, when combined, rarely lead to good results. Especially with such an ill-informed and misguided bunch as this.

The system that OWS and the 99% argue for is much more akin to outright anarchy than democracy, and I’ll be among the first to admit that this group is, in my opinion, far more dangerous and troublesome than most of the other ills facing our nation right now.


I had hoped that a hard winter would push OWS out, but that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case. The movement has already had violent moments, and I harbor no doubts but that it shall continue in that direction. How do you start a forest fire? With a single match, and I sincerely hope that cooler heads prevail on both sides of this increasingly disturbing movement.

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