Nevada Caucus

That makes it two in a row for Romney and another solid win. More than that, however, is that Nevada is an upcoming battle ground state in the general election. The fact that Romney pulled across demographics in the caucus bodes well for him come November (assuming the win for the nomination).

And can we just claim it now? It is inevitable. Gingrich is looking more and more the whiner, the cry baby, the sore loser. Santorum cannot dig in deep enough to keep going much longer. Paul is Paul, and that’s fine.

I saw Gingrich’s reset for the campaign. It won’t work. And I struggle to see how he has not yet recognized the growing perception he has. Is the ego really that big? I have to believe at this point… Yes. It really is.

I suppose the good news is that Gingrich has truly shown his colors. I have trouble believing that he’ll ever gain much ground in the future. Well… We can hope.

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