I still hate Home Depot

And no, I still can’t legally tell you why. 😦 My wife, on the other hand, did not sign the NDA that was one of the conditions of our settlement… hehehe

We bought a new washer and dryer for Black Friday from Lowes (yep, that’s another $1,000 Home Depot didn’t get from me). Due to the overwhelming number of appliances ordered from Lowes–I’ve heard the number 72,000 thrown about by a Lowes employee–they were back ordered just a tad. Finally, today is the day.

Unfortunately, because our house is so old, I had to special order all of the connecting hoses and cords. One, the three-prong dryer power cord, was originally going to be something I had to build myself, but I scanned the entire valley trying to find a store that carried a three-prong dryer cord plug. No go.

Except one place….

Yes, I broke my long standing promise never to step foot inside of Home Depot again last night, and I only did so after literally calling or visiting every single business I could find within a 35-mile radius. I’m that determined that Home Depot never get another penny from me.

The only good news is that Home Depot also didn’t have the plug. 🙂 I never thought I’d be so happy not to find something that I needed…. Oh well.

Walking through Home Depot last night confirmed a couple things for me, though.

  1. Oh man do I still hate that store. The nightmare they put me and my family through….
  2. Lowes has a much better selection. Broader selection.
  3. Lowes employees are significantly friendlier. Granted, this might be the fact that I’m generally in a good mood at Lowes while last night I probably looked about as happy as if someone had just thrown up down my shirt, but…. That opinion does predate the fall out with Home Depot.
  4. The prices at Home Depot were a touch higher than Lowes. Again, I only looked at the one thing I needed and compared the prices with purchases I had made at Lowes that morning, but still. Of the six products I bought or looked at yesterday, Lowes was the better price on every one of them. For the record, Home Depot’s install prices are ridiculously  higher than Lowes. Obscenely higher.

It’s been almost four years since Home Depot lost me as a customer, which is unfortunate. I’ve long believed that customer service isn’t that hard if you just decide to make that a priority. Home Depot’s negligence at that time cost me–I’m actually not allowed to say…–let’s just call it a lot. On the same note, however, their negligence has awarded Lowes business that, just last year, netted them around $5,000 (TONS of home repair last year).

Hmmm… What’s the cost of poor customer service? For Home Depot, several thousand dollars over the course of a single year. Over the course of a life-time? I don’t know, but Home Depot will not be seeing a penny from me until they make it right.

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4 Responses to I still hate Home Depot

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nobody cares

  2. Amanda says:

    I hate home depot too!

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