Movie Review: Cowboys vs. Aliens

I think a friend said it best when he stated that it was nice to see Harrison Ford having fun in a movie again.

The Bad

It’s not a movie for kids (obviously), and the plot is a standard hollow affair. Given the type of movie, however, none of that was expected anyway. About my only real complaint is that the film seemed chopped up into weird parts and also the strong Deus ex machina moments through out. Still, given what the film was, if you were expecting different, you done been lied to.

The Good

It really was nice to see Harrison Ford having fun in a movie again. When he’s “comforting” the boy, you can just see the sparkle in his eye that says he’s enjoying it. Daniel Craig in a western was also something I questioned, but no longer. He has a thousand-yard stare that just works really well.

The aliens were intriguing, their purpose stupid (expected), and their actions nothing more than plot devices (also expected). But it worked, and worked well.


I liked it. It’s nothing I’d buy or watch again in the near future, but I liked it. It lived up to my not-too-high expectations, maintained my interest, and was put together in a somewhat clunky but still enjoyable way.

The language was rough, the violence fairly bloody (especially when the aliens died), and it is surely NOT a movie for kids, but if you’re in the mood for a solid action flick to just watch and turn your brain off to, this is a good pick.

2.5 out of 4 stars

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