Merry Christmas

I just sat down and checked out the annual NORAD Santa tracker with Katherine. To say that things have reached a rolling boil would be just shy of completely inaccurate. No, we’re in full swing here in the Loveless household! Christmas music blaring? CHECK! Fire roaring? CHECK! Christmas lights lit? CHECK! Presents wrapped and under the tree? CHECK!

Honestly, it’s hard to figure out who is more excited at this point. Me or Katherine? It’s a toss up.

What’s not a toss up is the fact that Courtney is near to sobbing uncontrollably in the bedroom for the lack of control on this situation. 🙂 She’s a strong woman. She’ll recover.

Oh and Myron… If I could only begin to describe…. The last time he did an eye surgery, he followed that with an explosion in language skills and growth. This last surgery (on Wednesday) has been immediately followed with an outburst of energy of enormous proportions. Even I am blown away with how much energy he has right now. And since we have 10-foot ceilings, Courtney and I have almost no help of ever getting him down off the ceiling. Right now, he’s downstairs going crazy with the host of Matchbox fire trucks grandma just gave him for Christmas.

Sigh… I love this time of year.

Merry Christmas!

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