Letters to Jesus

Last year, we decided we would write a letter to Jesus for Christmas and put it in an envelope. The envelope then goes into the tree as one of the decorations. Tonight for Family Home Evening, we opened the letters from last year to see what we had written and also to write new letters. On a whim, we decided we’d keep the old letters and build up what will eventually be a thick record of letters to Jesus over the years.

I admit that as I pulled my letter down I could not fathom what I had written. I could think of half a dozen things I would write, but I was surprised to see that the letter I had written was about patience. Our theme each year is to write a letter describing a gift we would offer to Christ over the next year. Patience. That caught me off guard.

Looking over the past year, I think I’ve done okay. I’m still not my dad, who is the epitome of patience in ways I dream of being, but I like to think I’ve done better. I think where I still need to work is in dealing with my children, especially Katherine. I could definitely stand to be more patient.

Elder Holland spoke in a Conference some years back about how the manner of our speech, especially with our children, has a significant impact on them. I find that when I’m trying my best to be good in life in general, I do quite well being patient with my children. However, when I slip up and fail to do those little things, I’m often surprised by how quickly I can NOT be patient. How quickly I can reject the need to listen, to weigh carefully, and to hear before I speak.

So what did I promise to do this year? I’m not going to tell you. 😉

I’ll only say that patience is part of it, specifically patience in growth. I can run no faster than I can run, and it is pointless to insist on anything faster.

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One Response to Letters to Jesus

  1. Lora says:

    We have the same tradition! It helps me remember a little better what Christmas is about. This year I’m hoping to REMEMBER my gift more consistently so that I can make sure it doesn’t end up being more of an I.O.U. 🙂

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