Stepped off the deep end? Google+

Oh, what hath I wrought!

I think my long dislike of Facebook and other social media platforms is well known*. I mean, I was the one who wrote this just a little over a year ago. And yet, after ignoring countless invitations to join a social media platform of some kind, I finally gave in. For Google+.

I jokingly mentioned to a friend that this is what it must feel like to go to hell. 🙂

And that same friend, one who has attempted for years now to get me to join Facebook (again), asked why. Here you go:

  • I don’t get social media. And it isn’t so much that I don’t get it as it is that I don’t care for it. I do not believe that social media leads to stronger relationships. I believe the opposite. I believe it will lead to hollow, distant relationships based more on factoids than actual, face-to-face contact. Yes, that has a place–keeping up with distant and disparate contacts for example, or managing a large database of fans–but for my primary relationships, no.
    Perhaps that isn’t the case for you. Good for you. This isn’t about you. 🙂
  • Given that, I understand that up-and-coming generations (tech generations specifically) are sold on social media. It is how they operate.
  • I understand that having a foothold in that realm may very well be important not only for communication in the future but also for my career. Business is increasingly social, and prudence demands a presence.

So there it is in a nutshell as to why I joined. But I think my friend’s real question was why Google+ and not Facebook. Here’s that answer:

  • I’ll admit upfront that I do not know social media very well at this time. So what I extol as positives and negatives out there may or may not actually be reality. Take your grain of salt and move on.
  • Facebook is out. I don’t care for it. My first experience was wildly negative. It felt like going back to high school. No thanks. I also don’t like to follow trends generally speaking. The sheer size of Facebook is a big turnoff as well. All that made Facebook unpalatable for me.
  • Google+ made the cut because I already use Google for most other things (Google Docs, Gmail, etc.). I see it as sensible to unify these tools into a single platform.
  • Google+ has strong controls on it that allow me to restrict what is and isn’t shared with others. I honestly do not intend to use Google+ for more than basic updates, but still… the updates I do put out there I want restricted and controlled more than just a broad update to all my connections. I like that I can restrict access and updates to specific groups of people.
  • Google+ is used by a number of close friends. Granted, so is Facebook, but that was never an option now was it?

So there you have it. After years of fighting off social media, I’ve conformed. Complied. Been assimilated for all you Trekkies out there. If you are on Google+, look me up.

*For the record, I was a very early adopter of LinkedIn. I still use LinkedIn as a professional network manager and have no intention to change that.

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4 Responses to Stepped off the deep end? Google+

  1. Sarah L. says:

    Bwah hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    I’m enjoying my small group of friends at Google+. Doesn’t seem as easy to find people and you don’t have to see everything you friends are commenting on. I like that.

  2. Emily Heath says:

    I think this blog counts as social media in a way…you have interactions going on. I have a Google+ account which I’m not doing anything with. Twitter is a favourite of mine.

  3. daveloveless says:

    That’s a good point, Emily. I guess I’ve always considered blogging outside of social media, but you’re right. It still is. And it has a place.

    I haven’t explored Twitter all that much. I’m sure that’ll be the next thing I try if I go that far.

  4. Anthony says:

    Wow, pigs really can fly!

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