Killing a Beehive, Part II

An update!!!

I got Hive 2 killed off and stored away. I ended up putting a sheet of plastic down in the shed and then stacking the boxes on top. It should be pretty much sealed off at this point, but to double my chances, I put a second sheet of plastic between the boxes. If bugs get in one, hopefully the other will make it.

All in all, I am guesstimating at least a full hundred pounds on the hive. Those frames were packed. I’m half tempted to harvest….

I’m feeling much better about the whole experience. I still don’t like that it happened, but I recognize the good that will come from it. I think Courtney said it best last night. I was feeling quite down about it all, almost upset, and Courtney put her arms around me and said, “This is the difference between being a beeHAVER and a beeKEEPER. You are being a beekeeper.”

That phrase is very important to me, and it was the jolt of reality I needed. I don’t just have them for my own pleasure. I keep them. I watch over them. I fret. I worry. I care. Even enough to do things I don’t want to do because I know the greater good that will come of it.

And the other reason I’m feeling better? Well, it might have to do with the fact that one of those precious little darlings decided to exact her revenge on my neck. She somehow got inside my veil, and as I was taking it off to escape another bee that had come inside, she struck me down. 🙂

Oddly enough, almost no pain at all. Not even a twinge. It is currently a nice little welt. I’ll admit a certain gladness at the sting as well. It has been since July, and that was a bad one (obvious allergic reaction). I’m wondering how my body is adjusting to the stings, and this is a great chance for experimenting.

Oh, I also ordered new all plastic frames. I’m going to experiment a bit and see how the bees take to them. I’m suddenly so excited for next year… Four hives, there are new queens, new frames…. It’s going to be awesome.

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2 Responses to Killing a Beehive, Part II

  1. Anthony says:

    Awesome is right! I wonder if I’d swell at all if I got stung again…

  2. daveloveless says:

    Update on the sting….
    The update is nothing. Nothing happened at all. A little swollen and red. Very, very slight itching. Done.

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