A Thanksgiving to Remember

It’s probably just me, but I seem to have a knack for memorable Thanksgivings. Nothing tops the great Thanksgiving Fiasco of 2008 of course. Here’s a reminder if you need it.

I know… I shouldn’t complain, and the truth is that I’m not really complaining. It was memorable, and it was enjoyable. Just not what we expected.

So this year….

Courtney and I have never really done Thanksgiving on our own. Normally we’re with family, but this year we decided to break the mold and head back up to Idaho to visit those good friends of ours. So in a way, it was kind of on our own in that we were actually responsible for good chunks of the feast.

Let’s see… Sarah made what might be the most incredible turkey known to mankind–Peruvian Turkey. You can bet I’ll be figuring that beast out for future meals. As someone who doesn’t quite care for turkey, I could not stop digging into it long before the meal. So very good. Then there were the piles of mashed potatoes, the mounds of pies, the assortment of veggies and treats–including my incredible fudge.

But what made this memorable?

The vomit. 🙂

Need I say more? You’re right. No, which is exactly why I’m going to keep talking….

It started with their youngest. And then our youngest. And then their next youngest. Then three of the four adults started having stomach issues. And then Sunday… Oh Sunday…. All dressed up and ready to go to church, and I got a strong “prompting” that I shouldn’t go. As in I spent most of the day wishing I were dead. It was awful. It was sudden. It was over before I knew it.

But we had a good time.

There is something about that valley that calls me. I told Courtney that I could literally feel stress and tension pouring out of me the closer we got. And when we turned the corner in Idaho Falls for the last stretch, I could feel the calm and peace settling in. Not necessarily a spiritual calm and peace, just a this-is-home calm and peace. Maybe I should say “a” home. It’s a place I could be wonderfully happy never leaving.

And yet….

And yet it is wonderful to be home. To be in my small yellow house. To see that which is familiar, family.

Sigh…. And now we enter what we’ve come to call the long pause. It’ll probably be June or July before we get any serious face time with these friends again. They’re coming through town in a few weeks for vacation, and we’ll see them then, but after that…. Sarah said, when they left, that she thought the separation would help increase the fondness and appreciation for those times we did get together. At the time, I wasn’t so sure.

Don’t tell her, but she was right.

Even with all the vomit.

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4 Responses to A Thanksgiving to Remember

  1. Sarah L. says:

    Everyone needs one good vomit story. I’ve decided I’ve hit my quota though ten times over at least. 😀 Glad you had fun despite the puking. I will never forget puking while nursing Jared on your parents’ couch on Christmas Day! Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

  2. barlows says:

    that is no surf sarah right up there and i am glad you got to see her and the brood and skywalker

  3. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever. I didn’t tell you when you were here, Dave, but my grandpa is dying and I am really sad about it and the de-stressing over that weekend was just what was needed to start a more peaceful grieving process. Sorry we made you barf…will email you the turkey recipe 🙂

  4. daveloveless says:

    Yay for best ever! And I’m very sorry for your grandfather. I lost my last grandparent a few months ago, and I was very sad but so over joyed that she was finally done.

    I’m glad we could help in our little ways to destress. I am always so relieved and happy whenever I see you guys. You and Jeff are in the wonderful group of friends who make me smile based on presence alone.

    We decorated our tree tonight, and when we got to the birds, we just kind of stopped and looked at them. Many of our very best friends have one of those birds as a reminder that should they need us, we’ll come as fast as the wind can carry us, as sure as the breeze blows, and as constant as the sun. I’m glad you guys have a bird.

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