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Death of Hive 2

We had a really warm day before Thanksgiving (like mid-60s!), and I was able to get out and see the hives. I took two pictures which show perfectly the difference between Hive 1 and Hive 2. That’s Hive 2 on … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving to Remember

It’s probably just me, but I seem to have a knack for memorable Thanksgivings. Nothing tops the great Thanksgiving Fiasco of 2008 of course. Here’s a reminder if you need it. I know… I shouldn’t complain, and the truth is … Continue reading

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Behavior Change Myths–Part 2: Big Leaps vs Baby Steps

Finally… part 2. Again, the inspiration for this mini-series comes from this presentation. Myth #2–Attempting big leaps of change instead of taking small steps Ah did this one ring true when I read it. I’m sure we’ve all done this … Continue reading

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There’s always hope

In my scripture study this morning, I came across one of my most favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. Alma 18. This is where Ammon teaches King Lamoni. I don’t really have a lot to expound on except to … Continue reading

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Lost a hive…. :-(

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate. Losing a hive is accurate. Hive 2 has always been smaller than Hive 1. When harvest time came around, I took care to leave most of the honey on Hive 2 knowing that they’d need … Continue reading

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Zions Bank adds checking fees!

Zions Bank has a motto: We haven’t forgotten who keeps us in business. Apparently they have. I got this in the mail yesterday (redacted for privacy): Let’s go over the highlights…. “Your account is important to us. That’s why we … Continue reading

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Veterans Day, 2011

Thank you.

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