The 99%

Yet another topic I’ve avoided, and yet I find myself unable to stay silent any longer….

I’m worried. I’m worried for what this movement has become. I’m especially worried that it is both leaderless and also purposeless. Let me explain a bit before moving on… Purposeless in that it has no unified message, no stated reason for being. It has no objective, no goal, and no primary measure of success.

I’ve heard many on the left proclaim that this is nothing more than the Tea Party for the left. Not quite. First, I’m not a Tea Party kind of guy. If I’m being honest, I recognize the movement as a legitimate and loosely organized coalition, but I’m still not big on the Tea Party despite having a measure of respect and even agreement with their stated goals. So why is the 99% so different? Well, just that. Stated goals.

I look at the 99% and I cannot see what their intentions are. Frankly, I’m not sure they’d recognize when they achieved their purpose. Second, I worry the movement has the distinct possibility of going violent, something I still do not see the Tea Party doing. Violence is not the answer, but when there is no stated purpose, no reason for the movement, you are promoting and encouraging mob mentality to take over.

And that is bad. Very bad.

I do not think this movement will turn violent. I fully expect that it will. It already has overseas. If it hasn’t already happened in the US, I expect it to. It’s the way of protests.

This situation right now is so close to combusting into something that the original organizers will have no control over.

One of my favorite people serves with me on the High Council, and in a past meeting, he talked about riots. He was present in LA during the Rodney King riots. And when I say present, I don’t mean in the city. I mean present. There. In the riots. He talked about how terrifying it was to see humans turn into what could only be called animals. So driven by anger and emotion that all sense of morality was lost. This is nothing new, and frankly the organizers of this movement have offered the perfect outlet for this anger and emotion to explode into uncontrollable violence. And when it spills over (not if) the people targeted won’t be the 1%. It’ll be anyone and everyone. Mobs don’t take time to check bank statements. They don’t take time to reason. They just act.

So yes, I worry about the movement. I worry that there isn’t a person alive today capable of pulling them back. I worry that it has moved to the point where, much like a volcano intent on exploding, the only resolution is to vent the pressure. We can only wait to see if the eruption is calm and slow or violent. All I can do is pray for the former.

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