Product Review: Delta Disney Princess Vanity Set–THUMBS DOWN!!!

Here’s the product.

Now that you’ve seen it, let me offer my review.

My parents got this for my daughter for her birthday. She’s asked for it for years, and we’ve always told my parents not to get it because we didn’t have the room in our small house. Now that we took over the basement, we’ve got room. Green light finally!

They dropped it off yesterday, and Katherine and I woke up bright and early (6:00) to have a daddy-daughter date building the vanity set. And that’s where her birthday started falling apart….

This is some of the poorest craftsmanship I’ve ever dealt with. Look, I’m used to having things not perfectly straight, but I literally could not get the bolts that connect the stool top to the legs in because the holes were not even close to aligned. The frames for the legs were not close to square, and in one case, they forced the already troubled leg to stick out at an extreme angle. It took me almost two hours to put in just those four bolts!

When I was finished, Katherine was so excited to sit in the chair, and I just looked at it worried that it would collapse under her. The chair was not even close to balanced, wobbled dangerously side to side (as in a full one inch difference in leg heights!), and there were close to full-inch gaps between some of the legs and the surrounding frame of the stool!

Paint was already coming off, and there were numerous dings and dents across the product as well. To call this a complete waste of time and money is a gross understatement.

But my favorite part was when I called Delta Enterprises hoping to get some reassurance, help, or other direction. No…. Nothing of the sort. Look, I get that customer service agents get tired and what not, but really? I ended up hanging up on the guy and calling my parents instead.

Of course, Katherine was in tears by now. I was furious at the idiot customer service agent, annoyed beyond all reason at the crappy table, and just ready to throw the whole thing away.

So where did it end? Well, my parents are dropping by tomorrow to pick up the table and send it back, Courtney spent almost an hour trying to console our extremely disappointed and distraught birthday girl, and I packed up the table and spent a good hour finding every single online store that sells this piece of crap writing up the most negative review I could. I also sent Delta Enterprises a nasty e-mail. GRRRRR!!!!

When I left for work, Katherine was happy again fortunately. I think she misunderstood my frustration with the table as frustration with her. I reassured her that that wasn’t the case and told her I was going to go yell at the company that sold us this junk.

She seemed to like that. 🙂

Don’t buy it. It’s a waste. And I promised Delta Enterprises that I’d make sure that everyone knew it was a waste. Very rarely does a company cross my Three Strikes rule in one shot, but congratulations Delta Enterprises! You have the distinct honor of being only the second company–along with Home Depot–to jump on my black list after only one encounter.

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3 Responses to Product Review: Delta Disney Princess Vanity Set–THUMBS DOWN!!!

  1. DWH says:

    Dave, stop sugar coating your remarks. I need to really know how you really feel about this. I was thinking about getting this for Florence for Christmas 😉 (don’t tell her)

    Sorry it went so badly. Hope Katherine has a good birthday after all.

  2. Robert says:

    Dave, I didn’t know you liked to play with princess play sets! Also, this review was very timely because I was thinking of getting the exact same play set for my father-in-law on his birthday.

  3. daveloveless says:

    DWH–Yeah, I should be more clear in my writing…. 🙂

    Rob–You know me. I’m all about the Princess stuff! I’m sure your father-in-law will love it.

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