I’ve been managing the Employee Engagement Group at work for almost a year now, but I’ve finally encountered a situation that I no longer know how to handle….

I’ve been asked by the CEO to select a thank you gift for the members of this team. We’re all volunteers, and this is all on my head to figure out.

And I’m at a complete loss as to what to do.

Here’s the details:

  • Price–Up to $100 or so
  • Seven total recipients
  • Three women, four men
  • One offsite (Georgia)
  • One unmarried

I had thought about gifting them each a one-night stay at a B&B, but that wouldn’t work for the offsite or the unmarried member.

Sigh…. I have no clue what to do. I want it to be a meaningful gift, something that truly has significance for the volunteers. I also want it to be somewhat visible for the rest of the company. I want people to be proud of what they’ve done this last year, and I want others to see that.

And I’m drawing a complete blank.

Any ideas?

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7 Responses to HELP!!!

  1. aleisha says:

    ummm….why does it have to be the same for everybody? couldn’t you do the B&B idea for the 5 and do something else for the other two? like a blu ray player? and i am pretty sure you could do the B&B in Georgia…you would just have to research it a little….have you thought about asking them what they want? i mean, cash might be just as appreciated as a gift….

  2. daveloveless says:

    I had thought about going the unique route for each person, but the thought of doing that was a bit overwhelming. I hadn’t thought of a blu ray player… That’s not a bad idea.

    I’ve largely steered clear of electronics because most people have what they want, especially at the low end.

    One thought I did have was getting a really nice Harry & David’s gift basket for about $60 each and then adding a $50 gift card to their favorite restaurant on top. My CEO doesn’t like gift cards or cash, but I might be able to slip around that by doing the “personalized” restaurant choice. That’s what I’m leaning towards right now.

  3. Sarah L. says:

    For women: Some kind of spa package. Or a nice basket from Bath & Body Works.

    How much are IPods?

  4. daveloveless says:

    I thought about iPods and then realized that pretty much everyone who wants one, has one. I also wondered about a spa package. That’s on the list.

    I did come across an idea today that I REALLY liked… Jackets. I’ve got a big enough budget to buy really nice jackets in men and womens styles, have them embroidered with the company logo and EEG (the name of the team), and even stick maybe a $50 gift card to a nice restaurant in there. I like that idea because it’s personal, usable, tangible, visible for them and the entire company, and maybe even a source of pride and accomplishment for the wearer. It also lasts for a long time.

    What do you think?

  5. Anthony says:

    Oh man I feel ya, that’s a tough spot you’re in. Personally I dislike gift baskets. It’s usually a bunch of stuff that I don’t want/need. I think the jacket idea is a great idea. Personally I’d like cash, or a gift credit card that isn’t specific to any store, but if your boss doesn’t want it to be cash then that’s out. In the end if you do get one gift for all, there will be varying degrees of reward involved with the gift simply because everyone is different in what they want in life. Everyone’s needs are different, and that’s why cash is the most universal “liquid” asset.

  6. Gift Certificate for two to Chef’s table.

    The end. 🙂

  7. JeffreyD says:

    Can you tell that Sarah D. has not had a real date for months? [sigh]

    I’m down on the dining gift cards, the B&B, and a standard gift to all. The jacket is intriguing, if the embroidery is inconspicuous, and each jacket is unique enough to reflect the recipient’s personality.

    The most memorable thank you gifts for me were extremely symbolic and tickled my fancy (and were probably entirely random to the giver). I love gift cards for things I like to shop for, and hate them for everything else. That makes them risky.

    Maybe if you explain their personalities it would help generate more ideas?

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