Ah that child…. Here’s a rundown of recent “escapades and sayings.

  • Me: Katherine, what should we name the new baby?
  • Katherine: Katherine.

On her upcoming birthday…

  • Me: It’s not your birthday! It’s my birthday!
  • Katherine: NOOOOOO!!!
  • Me: Yes it is.
  • Katherine: NOOOOO!!!
  • Courtney: Katherine, do you think daddy would really steal your birthday?
  • Katherine: Well… I’m skeptical…

And on the Book of Revelations. After four long years, we are finally finishing the Bible as a family. Right now, we’re reading about all the destruction and death and horrors that will come in the Apocalypse.

  • [I finish reading a particularly bad section where pretty much everyone dies… again.]
  • Katherine: So… Those things have already happened, right?
  • Me: Uh….

Courtney and I had been wondering how much she is getting. Apparently a lot.

And last but not least…

  • [Katherine reading the scriptures] “… to him be glory and dominion…”Hey! That word looks like “minion!” (think Despicable Me).
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2 Responses to Katherine-isms

  1. DWH says:

    and you can see why we have so much fun with Katherine in our Primary class!

  2. “I’m skeptical.”

    can we say, new catchphrase??

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