Hierloom Lamp

Okay, it’s not really hierloom per se. But it is to me.

I remember these lamps from very early in my childhood. They always hung above my dad’s chair, and they were just my favorites. Three glass orbs suspended from a chain that draped across the ceiling. Very pretty, but very, very, very 60s.

I was surprised a week or so ago by my parents dropping them off at my house. Mom didn’t want them anymore, and they hadn’t been hung for at least ten years. The wiring was ancient, the finish no longer trendy, and they were just generally old looking.

While I was looking them over, I realized that most of the pieces could be replaces, repaired, or refinished. So here’s what I did:

  • All new wiring.
  • Replaced the sockets with modern sockets (the old ones were ceramic to give you an idea of age).
  • Replaced the chain with a new, sturdier chain.
  • Refinished all the metal caps using a black hammered paint. The end effect was something very near to wrought iron. Very pretty and much more attractive than the old gold.

While I was at it, I also painted all the other lamps in the living room using the same spray paint. The end result is a set of four lamps that look quite nice together. For once, I finally captured the Before and After pictures. I always seem to miss the Before pictures….

Here we go:

This is everything set up to paint. I’ve already cut out the old wiring, the sockets, and the old chain. One of the glass orbs is middle left. The main base from which the lights are suspended are center and right. The three “cones” across the top are the caps for each of the orbs. And because I wanted to do it right, the nuts and bolts along the bottom were painted as well.

Another angle of the same, but you can see the base of one of the already-painted other lamps I worked on.

And here’s everything drying, including the nuts and bolts. The end result is a very pretty hammered black.

And here are my wired orb caps ready for rechaining.

One, two, skip a few…. And here it is rechained, rewired, and lit up for the first time in ten years! That’s the corner it’s going to hang in, too. Pride of place, right between two of our big front windows and over, as tradition dictates, what I hope is eventually a recliner for me.

Call me thrilled, for I am.

Aleisha–As I painted the lamps, I kept thinking how nice the lamps would look in your house as they were. They’d go with just about everything in there!

To round out my day, a friend and I installed two new windows in our mud room, and I replaced our kitchen faucet with a nice, high arcing faucet. I also spent a few short minutes at the hives doing some last minute touches for winter.

I’m ready for bed.

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2 Responses to Hierloom Lamp

  1. totally agree—they would have been awesome in my house! love those 60’s-70’s vintage lamps–i am glad you made them work for your house, though, because they are FAB! good job on being productive!

  2. Sarah L. says:

    Making old stuff new is fun! 😀

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