Asking the right question

The last few days have been a whirlwind of growth and change for me. I’ve very much enjoyed it. One thing I’ve noticed is that I go to bed each night exhausted. Utterly. As in the clock hits 9:00, and I immediately start dropping off.

I like that. 🙂

I’m a morning person. Rather, I feel better when I’m a morning person, and going to bed at 9:00 virtually guarantees I’m up early.

Like I said, the last few days have been a growing period for me. One thing that I decided I would do is start asking the right questions of the Lord. Namely, “What is it that I can do right now to move Thy work forward, to improve myself, or to improve another?” Each time I ask, I get a response, and I’ve made it a priority to move on those responses.

So far the answers have included writing in my journal, sending an e-mail, telling someone I love them, doing the dishes, going to the temple, and even reading a story to Myron. I find that each moment of each day is consumed in works, and I like that. I’m not one to survive being bored. I like to be doing, even if doing is nothing more than reading a book, doing the dishes, or playing with the kids.

As I’ve done those things, I’ve found myself enjoying life more. I’ve also found that the responses seem to be more easily interpreted, understood, and doable, something I consider a real blessing and source of strength.

So there’s your challenge–Our new Stake President believes that there will be incredible miracles in our midst as we renew our sense of devotion and purpose with the gospel. We can renew that in a multitude of ways, but I think it best that we each renew that in the way that the Lord thinks we should. And that will be different for you, for me, and for anyone else.

For some, it will be to become immersed in the scriptures. Some will feel prompted to attend the temple more regularly. Others to be better home teachers or visiting teachers. Maybe you’ll just be told that you should do the dishes so your spouse doesn’t have to. Maybe you’ll be told that your kid needs you to read a story. But if you don’t ask, how will you know?

So ask. And when the answer comes, listen and then do.

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