Movie Review: I Am Number Four

Warning! This is going to be one of those crappy reviews. I sometimes wonder why I review movies at all because I never go in detail and actually provide any meat or substance…. 🙂

I have heard many negative opinions about this movie, mostly related to the acting. However, I did read a synopsis online and was intrigued….

The Good

What a storyline! It’s not the best one, but it is definitely intriguing and interesting. When the movie ended, both Courtney and I looked at each other and said, “We need to read the book.”

The Bad

The acting is bad. It just is. A friend this morning said that he had heard it was basically a bunch of models thrown into a movie. Yep.

I did like the female lead. She had a charm about her that I found interesting.


I liked it. It’s not the best film you’ll ever see, and the acting is hard to work through some times, but I liked it.

And I realized, too, that this is a movie that needs to be rated outside of my standard four stars…. I rate this: Intriguing.

I’d never buy it, I’d never see it in the theaters, but a dollar at RedBox? Yep.


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