Hive Inspection: September 10, 2011

First things first…

  • Warm (around 80)
  • Slightly humid (rain the previous night)
  • Sunny, no clouds
  • No wind
  • Smoke–cedar chips and weeds. I’m VERY much liking this combination. The bees seem to respond well to it.
  • Sugar water with essential oil
  • Very calm bees today

I did not check for eggs or the queen. Those bottom brood boxes are getting packed with happy honey and wax, and I’m having trouble getting into them. I’m okay with that. My intention was always to take a more natural approach and let them have their way with the brood boxes. I haven’t yet decided on queening. I know a number of beekeepers suggest requeening every year or two, but I’m somewhat eager/willing to let them queen themselves and let nature take its course. Haven’t quite decided, and I welcome any opinions and advice from my fellow beekeepers.

On to the photos…

Telescoping cover of hive 1. Jason, a friend of mine, joined me today and was in charge of the camera.

The top honey supers in both hive 1 and 2 were mostly empty. Right now, I’m giving the bees the chance to get a bit of a head start on wax production for next year. I’d love to have as much wax drawn this summer as I can. The bottom honey supers in both hive 1 and 2 looked a lot like the frame above. Mostly drawn out, some still not, but harvestable, which is next Saturday.

Notice the lack of gloves? I hate the gloves. Today was a perfect day for the bees anyway. They were so calm.

Here’s my friend Jason trying to get a bee to crawl on him. He is allergic, so he was bundled to the gills.

This image captures so much of why I adore Jason. He’s a dork (and I mean that in the good way). Right before we closed up, he insisted on getting the “group” shot. 🙂

But seriously, if I could choose any one person to work beside on any given random project, Jason would always be one of my top choices. He’s just that kind of happy guy.

Next week: HARVEST TIME!! I’ve got my extractor ready (thanks, Aleisha!), and I’m ready to go. I’m hoping that the honey is not nearly as thick as that first page. That stuff is thicker than caramel, and I have to wonder if an industrial centrifuge could have pulled that honey.

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3 Responses to Hive Inspection: September 10, 2011

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I like to let my bees get on with making their own queens as and when they feel like it. As long as the queens are laying well and the bees are happy I’m happy too.

    Excited for you that honey harvest time’s coming up 🙂

  2. Anthony says:

    You want me to come take pictures during the harvest next weekend right? What time are you starting?

  3. aleisha says:

    sounds great! i don’t re-queen either. i let nature take its course and would really only re-queen if I was desiring different traits of a hive or in an emergency. perfect timing to harvest because i would like to harvest the next weekend! yay!

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