And a Happy Birthday to you

We celebrated Courtney’s birthday yesterday. I’m happy to say that, in the tradition of my own mother, she was a spoiled brat the entire day. 🙂

I sometimes feel like I’ve failed to do her birthday justice, so yesterday I went all out (well, as best I could). We started the day with the living room filled with balloons and a big Happy Birthday written across the kitchen window. The kids, of course, loved the balloons. After breakfast, I stole Katherine for an hour or two so that Courtney could be relaxed at home with only Myron, and we went shopping. We bought favorite treats that she rarely gets (soda, sugar free ice cream, etc.) and also got ingredients for pizzas.

Later on, I baked her cake, with the traditional candles that spell out an age at least 20 years older than she is (58 yesterday). I also made her favorite asiago bagels for supper tonight (bacon egg sandwiches). One of the fun things was I gave her two baking stones. They are non-glazed terra cotta tiles from Lowes that we’ve cleaned up. They bake things remarkably well, but we’re still perfecting it.

Last but not least, I made four pizzas and invited four friends over. We had a fun evening of good food, games, and just talking. My favorite part was the confetti poppers I bought to pop as we sang Happy Birthday to her. I assumed they’d be filled with paper and what not like those little ones you see around New Years. No…. In fact, each one had more confetti (shiny plastic that sticks to everything) than a dozen of those New Years poppers. And we had six. We all pulled them at the same time, and the immediate silence was deafening as we all disappeared in a cloud of confetti. Finally, I just said, “I’ll go get the vacuum.” 🙂 We’re still picking up pieces of confetti, and every time we feel like we are done, more magically appear.


Definitely doing those again, but not at our house.

I hope it was a good day. I certainly woke up with a goal of making it simplistically hers.

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3 Responses to And a Happy Birthday to you

  1. And it really was a good day. Thank you

  2. Spoiled, except for all the times you beat her at the games… High five!

  3. Nosurfgirl says:

    Happy birthday, courtney! We will have to have some scrumptious sugar free deserts next week.

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