Movie Review: Battle–Los Angeles

Remember my review for Skyline? Terrible film. Well this is the second in a trilogy of alien invasion movies that I’ve wanted to see in the last few months. Cowboys and Aliens will be the last, and I’m thinking the best.

The Good

Everything that Skyline wasn’t, this was. Everything that Skyline was, this wasn’t. Skyline was flat out awful. Skyline had no dialog. Skyline had no plot. And lest we forget, we are not talking about Skyline.

Battle–Los Angeles, in other words, was… good. Sure, if you came in expecting the year’s top film, you would have been disappointed, but this was a genuinely good film.

I think the best way to describe this film is that it was the gritty side of Independence Day. Where Independence Day existed on a large scale, global war, BLA is a street-by-street battle with all the grittiness of a war zone, the roughness of humanity, and the presence of immediacy. You are literally there through out this film, and while it certainly has shallow dialog, the characters are still empathetic people you genuinely engage with.

The battle scenes (all but 10 minutes maybe) are engaging, thrilling, and enjoyable. While the first few scenes have some measure of monster-jumps-out-of-the-closet, they quickly resolve into an enemy force rather than an alien enemy force. Good stuff.

The Bad

Language. There was enough to go around that’s for sure. I wouldn’t put it outside the realm of normal for this type of film, but there’s the warning anyway. And honestly that’s about my only complaint. If this film were trying to be Independence Day, I could complain for hours. But it’s not. It’s just trying to be a shoot ’em up alien invasion flick. And at that goal, it excelled fully.


I can’t give it my top rating (4 stars), but I can come comfortably close.

Let’s call it an even 3 stars and a special note for being a fun movie for a Friday night. Worth the watch if action and aliens are your kind of thing (and they are my kind of thing).

Now I just get to wait for Cowboys and Aliens and the sincerest hope that it outdoes this one.

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One Response to Movie Review: Battle–Los Angeles

  1. Travis says:

    To me, Battle:LA is NOT an alien film at all- it is, very simply, a war film where the enemy just happens to be aliens. Really, about the only scene where the alien angle has much difference from a normal war film is where the characters are dissecting the alien to find out where it is vulnerable- but even that is not so different from trying to discover where is the weakness of a certain armor.
    While I do agree that it is much better than Skyline, I would not compare the two. I would really not even compare either of them to Cowbiys and Aliens. The only thing the 3 have in common is aliens, but in such different ways.

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