Heard around the house: Whining

Myron has gotten into the asking stage. Maybe calling it the “demanding” stage is more appropriate. What he’ll do is say the think he wants (drink) and follow that with a very stern “me!” So you end up with phrases like “Drink me!” and “Snack me!”

The worst one is that during supper, he likes to have a fork, so naturally he screams “Fork me!” No problem, right? Wrong. He misses the “r” every single time. Supper time at our house is well beyond being a rated-R event because of the two-year-old.


Katherine wanted eggs for breakfast this morning, and she asked me to make them. My reply? “Well, you have to pay me.”

Katherine: How, daddy?

Me: I need a kiss.



I’ve been going to a chiropractor for my neck and back problems recently, and it’s become a common request in our family prayers that my neck will feel better. Here’s how Katherine prayed this morning:

“Please bless daddy’s neck to feel better so he’ll stop whining so much.”

Wow… My family sure does love me.

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One Response to Heard around the house: Whining

  1. Sarah L. says:

    No one should drink while reading this post. So, so funny.

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