Movie Review: Skyline

First, some house keeping. This has been a record-shattering month for me on the blog, beating my old record for visits by over 500 visitors. And we still have another day in the month! Knowing someone out there is seeing this keeps me going. Thanks!

Now on to the review….

I remember seeing the previews to this film late last year and thinking that it looked silly but kind of cool. I’m a sucker for alien invasion films, and it seemed to have an interesting concept, so…. Frankly, it looked a little Cloverfield-esque, and I loved Cloverfield. It seemed worth a dollar at the RedBox.

The Good

About all I can say right now is that at least it wasn’t as bad as Hancock. Or Push. Or, heaven forbid, even Green Hornet. At least there was that.

For such an interesting premise and strong ambitions, this film fell about as flat as you can. It was terrible.

The Bad

If there were any redeeming value to this film, it would be that the original concept was actually kind of cool. It certainly raises the bar on the whole “alien abduction” thing. No more of this abducting one or two people at a time. Oh no…. These aliens have people vacuums. Kind of cool.

But beyond that, it falls apart. Bad acting, worse dialog, stupid plot twists, aliens that are unbeatable, an ending that was utterly worthless and predictable…. Sigh.

We started huddled near each other on the couch and ready to be spooked. We ended up sitting normally, picking the film apart piece by piece, pointing out flaw after flaw, miss after miss. Even the exceptionally cool scenes (and there were those scenes) were inherently marred by the rest of the film.

But the single worst moment of the film was the end. There wasn’t one. It literally ends during the last fight in the middle of the fight. We get the “rest of the story” watching a few stills during the closing credits. It was such a poor ending that we ran to the Bonus Features hoping to see deleted or expanded scenes but because it was a rental disc, those were disabled.

Believe us, the film is not worth buying just to see those scenes.


Um… Don’t see it. The language isn’t as strong as it could have been, but still uncomfortable. The violence isn’t gory; it’s just stupid. The aliens are cool, but you’ll see better aliens elsewhere. The plot is lame.


We should have seen it coming when the film started, got intense, and immediately jumped to a flashback for no reason. I still can’t figure out why the flashback was there. It was pointless. And the bomber run….


I can’t give this any higher than half a star. Not even on the producer’s birthday. Don’t waste your time.

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