And then there was one!

Tomorrow. The bees come tomorrow. 🙂

Last night, my fence buddy and I finished off the fence. I’m amazed. If you count from the day we switched designs (Monday) to completion (Thursday), you’re talking a major home improvement project planned, purchased, and completed in only four days. Add in that we actually started planning late Monday night, and it’s really only three. Oh and of course we can’t discount that it rained all three days (still raining by the way) as well.

I’m impressed and pleased.

The fence is a gorgeous cedar as well that is wonderfully attractive.

Last night, I kept working on building the bee yard. It’s going to end up as an enclosed yard surrounded on two sides by bushes, fruit trees, and garden space. A third side is the shed, and the last side is made up of a four-foot cinder block wall which should protect our neighbors to the north.

If the rain calms down at all tonight, I’m going to try and finish it off. If not, I’ll end up sprinting around all morning long to finish the bee yard and get all the other “last minute things” done in anticipation of a 2:00 arrival or so.

Here’s the list of tasks:

  • Cut down the remaining stumps (four total)
  • Finish placing and gluing the cinder blocks
  • Face the cinder blocks with vinyl concrete
  • Build the bee bench (a long board that raises the hives off the ground and gives me a place to work)
  • Mow the lawn (the grass is over 18 inches in some places…. I hate mowing the lawn…)

I think that’s it.

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow, but I spent all night last night dreaming about it, and today my feet are just glancing the floor as I float around in jittery excitement.

Oh, and I’ve got to charge the camera so that I can take photos. Must have photos. 🙂

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