And then there were hives!

I picked up my hives yesterday, and they are now proudly sitting in our living room. The smell of freshly cut wood, beeswax, and so on is wafting around the house quite deliciously.

Today, I spent the day in horrendous failure after horrendous failure. My personal favorite part was when I was reminiscing about the things I had gotten done, and Courtney immediately pointed out, “Well actually, you failed at that one, too.” Wow… Thanks Courtney. Please excuse me whilst I cast myself in front of the nearest train.

It started this morning with a beautiful spring walk to the local bakery to pick up bribes for my brothers. I took the kids with me, and both of them got cookies for breakfast. Courtney was in the shower and was therefore utterly powerless to stop me. 🙂

My brothers then spent the morning trying to pull a stump out of the ground. We got nowhere (failure #1). We finally decided that this wasn’t so much a stump as it was a very big carrot. We have this theory that the roots go straight down to the center of the earth.

Failure #2 was the fence. A friend planned and helped me get all the things for my fence, which I was going to build myself to save money. However, we took one critical measurement wrong, and the whole thing was a loss. Complete. I was so frustrated for the lost effort (not blaming my friend at all, by the way), that I came inside, took a calming shower, and then called half a dozen fence companies to see if they could get it installed by Friday (it has to be done before the bees come). That would be failures 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Finally, I got a hold of my friend again, and he mentioned that he’d be willing to build it. I mentioned that I’d gladly pay him to do just that. We’ll probably return most of the materials we already bought, and replace them with better, more suitable materials. Our goal was to spend less than $750 on the fence, and this is sadly going to hit much closer to $1200 probably. Considering that a pro company would charge closer to $2,000….

Does that count as a success? 🙂

One more success… We put in our tomatoes and flowers. Courtney picked out one of the most incredible Dahlia’s I’ve ever seen. It has a deep red center that fades to yellow and finally has wonderous pink tips. It’s incredible. We also planted petunias and dwarf marigolds. I do love the fiery reds, oranges, and yellows of a marigold. Stunning.


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One Response to And then there were hives!

  1. Sarah Dunster says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Are you eating meals atop your beehives? I wish I wad there to see the outcome of all these projects.

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