Bee Gear

Ten days and counting….

All my protective gear and tools arrived today. This includes a jacket, veil, hat, gloves (probably won’t use them until harvest time), hive tool, smoker, and so on. I’m still debating the smoker vs sugar water methods. I want to have the option to try both of them, so I did put out the money for the smoker. I have used the sugar water already (last week), and I like the idea of the sugar water for multiple reasons:

  • You can put essential oils in the sugar water, which provide essential nutrients and even pest treatments for the bees
  • It’s a small and immediate food source
  • It’s less stressful on the bees (many beekeepers have hypothesized that smokers work because they make the bees think they’re about to run into a forest fire, which causes the bees to gorge on honey in case they have to run)

Smokers on the other hand tend to mask alarm pheromones and scents, so…. I can see advantages to both, and I won’t make a final decision until I get the chance to try them both out.

But now that I have my jacket and veil, I can finally start working on conning Courtney and the kids into the ultimate Halloween costumes! I would love it if I could convince them to wear bee suits, and I’d follow after them in my protective gear and the smoker. Courtney could even be the queen bee (crown and all)!

It’s such a brilliant idea, and yet we all know that there is no way I’m ever getting Courtney into a bee suit. 😦

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4 Responses to Bee Gear

  1. joeandlora says:

    If you do get Courtney in the bee suit, I definitely expect pictures.

  2. daveloveless says:

    As if getting her into the suit already wasn’t dangerous enough, now you also want pictures?!?!?

    Sorry…. I’ll stick my bare hand into a hive, but I wouldn’t dare threaten Courtney with a camera in that situation. 🙂

  3. DWH says:

    I’ll have MY camera READY!

  4. Would I get a REALLY big hypodermic needle for a stinger?

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