A favorite piece of art for Mothers Day

I don’t display enough of Courtney’s artwork on my site, and what more appropriate way to celebrate this most special of holidays than bragging about the wonder that is my wife.

The truth is that she’s a stunning artist who is admittedly frustrated by her lack of skill in some areas. I more than support her learning and expanding that skill set, but I also strongly encourage her to really work in her strengths: colored pencil.

Here’s a somewhat recent piece that she did that is so… real. You can just shy of reach and brush the dew away. And honestly this is one of her less life-like pieces. She has a colored pencil drawing of a box of chocolates, and they simple call to you: eat me… eat me….

Just as a reminder, her art site (see my blog roll to the right) contains almost all of her artwork. When you see the rest of her colored pencils, you’ll see exactly what I mean. She’s got skills.


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2 Responses to A favorite piece of art for Mothers Day

  1. Sarah L. says:

    That is beautiful! 😀

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