Bees on Order

A new hobby and a new category for the blog: Bees!

After my last post, I figured I would need to start posting more regularly on this new adventure in my life. Here are the updates as they currently stand:

  • I asked for help from the Elders Quorum on Sunday. When I mentioned words like “cutting down trees” and “pulling stumps,” I got lots and lots of down-cast looks. Fortunately, I followed those words up with some of the most important words ever: Grilled Brats!
    We have 15 volunteers. I was expecting four or five. 🙂
    Our work load this coming Saturday is to cut down 10 trees, pull the stumps, move the shed in the back, pull a bunch of cinder blocks that were being used as a retaining wall, and rebuild them into a new retaining wall that will suit the bees better. It promises to be difficult, but not as bad as doing it myself.
  • This Saturday I’m also helping a fellow beekeeper with her hives so that I can get some hands on experience. I’m excited, but a little nervous. I’ve done so much studying and preparation, but head knowledge doesn’t always equate to actually doing it.
  • I placed an order this morning for two full hives (2 deep brood boxes and 2 medium supers) from a local company called 3 Bee Honey. They came highly recommended from my friend, Aleisha, who is, in short, the inspiration for this whole project.
  • I also ordered two nucs of Carniolan bees. This species comes from Eastern Europe (Slovenia) and tends to overwinter much better than the more common-for-beginners Italian Honey Bee. I think the picture on the Wikipedia link above just about says it all for me. What a beautiful creature.
  • Last but not least, I placed an order for my protective equipment as well from Brushy Mountain Beekeeping. I’m honestly not sure why I like Brushy Mountain so much…. I just do. I like their story and the home-grown nature of it. Of course, since all beekeepers tend, at least at some point, from the home grown….

Now we wait. I’m rather fortunate to be able to find the nucs. Most beekeeping suppliers are sold out of packaged bees and nuc hives. 3 Bee Honey is a relatively new operation that hasn’t built a huge clientele just yet, so I was able to sneak in.

Next up: Licensing! I’ll be applying for my license here in the next few days. I figure there’s no reason to jump on it until I’m closer to actually having the hives since it expires in a year.

I’ll keep you posted as we get moving on the bees, and I dare say I might actually start to include more photos.

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4 Responses to Bees on Order

  1. Rachel says:

    Yay for bees! 🙂 Good luck with all of them. I bet ya the humming they make is gonna sound cool as well.

  2. aleisha says:

    if i do say so myself, this post reads as “giddy as a schoolgirl”:)

  3. daveloveless says:

    Does it show? 😉

  4. Robert says:

    Wow, sounds like a great adventure.

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